PowerSchool is a student information system that we use in the Catholic Educational System to share information between students, teachers, and parents. Students can track their own progress, parents have immediate access to their student’s grades, and teachers gain time saving administrative tools.

Parents and students receive Usernames and Passwords at their present schools. These allow private access to PowerSchool from any PC or Mac with Internet access.

Benefits For Students:
1) Access homework assignments.
2) Track progress during the school year.
3) View grades.

Benefits For Parents:
1) Access up-to-date student performance data.

2) Track assignments and attendance.
3) Discuss performance issues with student using current assignments and grades.
4) Read the daily bulletin.
5) Easy communication with teachers.

Download PowerSchool App

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PowerSchool District Code:

PowerSchool App Setup

iPad PowerSchool for Parents and Power School for Students are available as free applications from the App Store for your iPad device.

With this free PowerSchool for Parents iPad app, parents can check on their child’s progress and view school announcements.

With this free PowerSchool for Students iPad app, student’s can also monitor their progress in school.

Please setup up your grade books on your PC/MAC
before using PowerSchool Mobile.

To load PowerSchool Mobile on your iPad:

  • On your iPad, go to the App Store and search for “PowerSchool”. You can also do this by searching for it in iTunes Store (itunes.com) on the computer you sync with.
  • Install the PowerSchool for Parents or PowerSchool for Students app.
  • Download and then run the app on the iPad.
  • In the app, go to “settings” and then “server settings”
  • The server name is cps.cec.edu.bs and the port is 443. Make sure that SSL Enabled is “On”.
  • Now click “Locate District Server” and put in “71351” under zip code.
  • Click “Search Now” and it should find “Archdiocese of Nassau/CBE Nassau, 71351”.
  • Click on “Archdiocese of Nassau/CBE Nassau, 71351” and you will return to the settings screen.
  • Click “Login” in the upper left
  • Enter your PowerSchool login and password, and then click school. Find your school and click it.  You are returned to the login screen where you click “Login”.
  • From now on you should only need to fill in your password each time you use the app.
  • Note that you cannot be logged in to PowerSchool on your computer and on the app at the same time.