All schools under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Board of Education (The Board) are grounded upon the fundamental principles of Christianity and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. All instruction within the Catholic Schools, therefore, must be rooted in the spiritual and moral precepts of the Church while meeting the highest academic standards. All teachers are expected to live and work in harmony with the religious aims and purposes of the Archdiocese of Nassau.

The Board believes that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God and that through the vehicle of its educational system that image will be respected and given the opportunity to reach its fullest potential in each person. All teachers must therefore be concerned with academic and intellectual development with an equal concern for the spiritual, mental, physical and social growth and development of those persons entrusted to their care. This concern is fundamental to the teaching and instilling of good Christian values into our youngsters as we prepare them to take their rightful places in our Bahamian community. All teachers are therefore reminded that each and every child placed before them is a unique person endowed with God-given sanctity and rights.

Religious education is an integral part of the daily school curriculum. Students leaving Catholic schools should have, according to their psychological and academic understanding, a good knowledge of the Scriptures, both literal and interpretative, Sacraments, respect for the dignity of their own bodies, respect for the dignity of other persons and respect for the environment. In short they are to have a sound understanding of their faith. All students must participate in religious instruction and Church liturgies including the celebration of the Mass.

Persons serving in Catholic Schools presuppose and participate in maintaining an environment in which Gospel principles and the teaching of Christian values, judgments and actions consistent with these prevail. They identify themselves as people willing to believe and profess those Christian values and principles demonstrated in such an environment.

All employed in the Catholic School System are expected to manifest not only academic and intellectual excellence, but are a living testimony to the philosophy that makes the Catholic Schools unique.

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